Active Directory Policies

The time and cost spent to organize, control and maintain the IT infrastructure of an organization is very high. It is the IT administrator’s job to ensure that the employees of the organization have the latest softwares, adequate security settings, availability of files and folders, uniform desktop appearance in whichever machine they log on to, etc. It’s a tedious job to say the least.

For example, consider the task of software installation. Installing a software on every machine for all the users consumes a lot of time. Add to that the process of updating the software whenever a new version is released.

Moreover, user needs vary from a group to another; one set of users might need unbridled access to all resources on their computers, while others should be given a protected view. Or, a set of users might be allowed to have simple passwords, while others a stricter one. A clear segregation of administrative settings is the need of the hour here, which is not easy to achieve.

Active Directory has the necessary tools in its arsenal that will make the life of an IT administrator a whole lot easier – the Group Policy.



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