Active Directory User properties – Remote control tab

The remote control tab of the user properties window allows you to configure settings to remotely interact with or observe a user’s session.

Active Directory User properties Remote control tab

    • Enable remote control check box – selecting this option allows the user himself or other authoritative users to take control (either observe or interact) over the session from a remote place.
    • Require user permission check box – selecting this check box indicates that the user’s permission is required in order to gain remote access to his/her session.
  • Level of control – allows you to configure the level at which the session can be accessed.
  • i) View the user’s session – choosing this option allows only observation through remote access with the user’s session.
  • ii) Interact with the user’s session- choosing this option allows will not only allow to observe the user’s session but it will also allow interaction with the user’s session through remote access.

The values related to this Tab are stored in a LDAP attribute called userParameters.



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