Active Directory Computer Objects Tabs

The general tab

Active Directory Computer Objects General Tab

    • Some properties are assigned to a computer automatically once it’s joined to a domain, such as DNS name, Computer name, and Role etc. Even the administrator himself cannot change these properties.
  • In the description box you can add a brief description of the computer.

The location tab

Active Directory Computer Objects Location Tab

You can save the physical location of the computer in this tab.

The memberOf tab

Active Directory Computer Objects Memberof Tab

    • The member of list displays a list of groups in the local domain to which the computer belongs and also the universal groups to which it belongs.
    • The add and remove buttons can be used to add or remove groups from this list respectively.
  • The default primary group of any computer is domain computers; it can be changed when necessary.

The operating system tab

Active Directory Computer Objects operating system Tab

    • The Operating System tab shows name, version, and Service pack of the operating system in use
  • The properties on this tab cannot be modified



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