Active Directory User properties – General tab

The general tab of the user properties window allows you to configure the basic details such as name and contact details for a user. The values for the name fields are very important as they make up the value for mandatory attribute cn. (The combination of the values in the 3 name fields makes up the value for cn. In the example given below the cn will be Isabella E Swan.)

Active Directory User - General tab info

Label LDAP Name Example as in the figure
First name givenName Isabella
Last name Surname Swan
Display name displayName Isabella.e.swan
Initials initials E
Description description Temporary
Office physicalDeliveryOfficeName Symantec
Telephone number telephoneNumber 9159917893
Others (other telephone numbers) OtherTelephone 9994327893
e-mail mail Bella
Web page wWWHomePage
Others (other web pages) url



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