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Microsoft releases Azure AD My Apps Collections and Risk Detections

Microsoft recently released a couple of new additional features to its Azure AD system. The new features, namely My Apps Collections and Risk Detections will let end users create their own set of apps in the Azure AD “My Apps” portal. The latter feature will help administrators spot sign-in anomalies. However, Microsoft also announced that some Azure AD features will also be discontinued.

A look into the My Apps Collections Feature:

This feature will allow end-users to create their own collections of apps in the Azure AD My Apps portal and will also enable them to arrange their apps under “tabs”. IT teams are initially required to grant access to these applications to the end-users for them to utilize the new feature. The new feature allows end-users to arrange them under tab categories, they are just reorganizing what they already have the rights to use. It is to be noted that the new feature will require an organization to have an “Azure AD Premium P1 or P2 license” to use it.

Risk Detections in Azure AD – A closer look

The new feature lets organizations spot signals of sign-in risk if they use the Azure AD Identity Protection service. These protections are borrowed from the pre-existing Microsoft Cloud App Security service and they are as follows:

  • Sign in from a new country
  • Activity from Anonymous IP Address
  • Suspicious Inbox Forwarding Rules

“IT admins can now use such signals to investigate any anomalies further if necessary”, Microsoft said in their announcement.

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