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How to implement app registration in Microsoft Entra ID

In today’s digital landscape, securing access to applications and data is paramount for organizations of all sizes. Microsoft Entra ID offers a robust identity and access management solution that empowers businesses to enhance security through app registration. Implementing app registration in Microsoft Entra ID is a strategic step toward fortifying your organization’s security posture and ensuring seamless access control.

Importance of App Registration in Microsoft Entra ID

App registration in Microsoft Entra ID serves as a foundational element in establishing secure access to applications and resources. By registering apps, organizations can control and monitor user access, define permissions, and streamline authentication processes. This proactive approach not only enhances security but also simplifies the management of applications within the Entra ecosystem.

Steps to Implement App Registration

Access the Microsoft Entra Admin Center

Begin by navigating to the Microsoft Entra admin center to initiate the app registration process.

Navigate to App Registrations

Within the admin center, locate the “App registrations” section to create a new app registration.

Create a New Registration

Select the option to create a new app registration, providing essential details such as the app name, logo, and publisher information.

Define Redirect URIs and Secrets

Specify redirect URIs for authentication flows and configure secrets (symmetric or asymmetric keys) to authenticate the application securely.

Configure API Dependencies and Scopes

Define API dependencies, published APIs, resources, and scopes to establish the necessary permissions for the application.

Set Up App Roles and SSO Configuration

Create app roles, configure single sign-on (SSO) metadata, and define user provisioning settings to streamline access management.

Manage Service Principals

Utilize the Enterprise Applications experience to manage service principals, which govern the connection of applications to Microsoft Entra ID.


Implementing app registration in Microsoft Entra ID is a proactive measure towards strengthening security, enhancing access control, and optimizing application management. By following the outlined steps, organizations can streamline the registration process, mitigate risks, and ensure a robust security posture in today’s dynamic digital environment.

By embracing best practices in app registration within Microsoft Entra ID, organizations can safeguard their data, empower users with secure access, and foster a culture of proactive security measures.

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