Clubhouse audio data breached after third-party developer creates Android app

Clubhouse, the iOS-only audio-based social app that has been on the news for quite a while, is trending now for not-so-great reasons. A third-party developer from mainland China designed an open-source app for Android that allowed users to access the audio platform’s service. The developer posted the source code on Github and said that the app allowed anyone to access personal audio sessions without an invite, creating a stir.

This app is apparently not alone as there have been reports of similar third-party forms of access. All these third-party tools have now been blocked from accessing the service.

John Furrier, founder and chief executive officer of SiliconANGLE Media Inc. tweeted about the anomaly. Furrier explained that the hack involves bricking an iPhone and then reverse-engineering the Clubhouse iOS app to gain access to various audio streams using a malicious code. If the app blocks the bot that is performing the hack, another iPhone takes the place of the previous iPhone, and the process continues. “If Clubhouse bans the bot, another iPhone takes its place,” said Furrier.

The company has added “safeguards” to prevent a repeat of audio from their service from being accessed by third-parties, informed Reema Bahnasy, a spokeswoman for Clubhouse, to Bloomberg.



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