Active Directory Policies

Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) – Part II

Inpart Iof Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), we introduced the GPMC MMC snap-in, its functionalities and also looked at how to perform a few basic tasks. In this part, we will look at some of the other tasks that can be executed from the console. Linking a GPO In the GPMC, locate the domain or OU to which the GPO is to be linked and right click.To link an existing…
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Active Directory Objects

Active Directory Object permissions: Step-by-Step guide to managing permissions using GPOs, ADUC, and PowerShell

Active Directory Permissions Explained Users in an Active Directory (AD) network can gain access to resources of the network, whether they are files and folders, or computers and printers. However, not all users need access to all the resources of the network. This is where AD permissions come into play. AD permissions ensure that users of an AD network only gain access to resources that…
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