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Microsoft Azure AD Outage caused by Cross-Cloud Migration Operation

Microsoft recently apologized for an Azure Active Directory issue that disrupted access to Office 365 applications and the Azure Admin Portal for two hours or more for some users. Microsoft conducted a root cause analysis in an attempt to offer an explanation on what caused the outage.

In the root cause analysis notice, Microsoft said that a cross-cloud migration operation that was intended to improve the Azure AD service, ended up disrupting services for some organizations. The outage occurred on March 15 for users of the Azure Admin Portal, Teams, Exchange, Azure KeyVault, SharePoint, Storage and other major applications.

The notice also mentioned that Microsoft is currently working on a two-stage process, called the safe deployment process, to improve the Azure AD service. As part of the plan, Microsoft has already completed the first stage of this Safe Deployment Process for the Azure AD service. The second stage is said to be completed by the mid of 2021.

It is to be noted that this incident isn’t the first of its kind for Azure AD. Microsoft added that a similar incident previously occurred on September 2020 were users of Microsoft 365 services experienced various outages tied to the Azure AD service. However, Microsoft promised that the Safe Deployment Process will eliminate such issues from happening again.

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Microsoft announces advancements in Azure Front Door and Azure Firewall

Microsoft announced that two of its security services, Azure Front Door and Azure Firewall have been updated with improvements. Azure Front Door now comes with two new products in the preview stage, Standard and premium, while Azure Firewall has a Premium option in the preview stage as well.

The company conducted a web presentation titled “Modernize Your Network Security Strategy” on Feb 18th, and it announced the product updates during the presentation.

Microsoft said in the presentation that while the internet has scalable support for applications, it does not have as many cybersecurity protections for the applications. This prompted the company to offer two new products namely Standard and Premium to its Front Door service.

Meanwhile, the company also said that the Firewall Premium product is for “highly sensitive and regulated environments.” The service supports TLS traffic inspection, offers intrusion detection and prevention solution, and has the provision to set filters for outbound traffic among many other functionalities.

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