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Streamline identity and access management in educational institutions

The annual churn of students, teachers, and staff causes educational institutions to struggle every year from the time a new student or faculty member is onboarded until they leave. The IT team is constantly up against multiple IAM challenges including an error-prone user provisioning process, siloed IAM solutions, password fatigue, access management complexities, and lack of overall visibility into their environment.

It is possible to overcome these IAM challenges in a cost-effective and efficient manner with automated user provisioning and workflows, MFA, SSO, real-time auditing, and other capabilities we've explained in this e-book.

You'll learn:

  • Why is IAM important for educational institutions?
  • What are the IAM challenges faced by educational institutions?
  • What is AD360?
  • What are the capabilities of AD360?
  • How will AD360 benefit educational institutions?

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