10 ready-to-implement PowerShell scripts to make AD management easy!

A proactive approach to securing privileged access in Active Directory: best practices and threat mitigations

Privileged users have access to sensitive data, systems, and network resources, making them desirable targets for attackers. When in the wrong hands, their access can have disastrous effects and lead to data breaches, unauthorized changes, and even network compromise.

This e-book sheds light on the expanding threat landscape and the specific threats posed by privileged user breaches. We discuss in detail the process of identifying suspicious activities and potential insider threats within the AD. You will learn how to implement crucial capabilities that prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. This will ensure your organization stays one step ahead of any potential attacks.

Download this e-book to learn:

  • Why privileged accounts need to be secured.
  • How attackers exploit AD misconfigurations.
  • The 15 Windows event IDs to track and detect privilege escalation attacks.
  • How ManageEngine helps mitigate privilege escalation attacks.

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