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Active Directory Query Tool

The AD Query Tool, provided by ManageEngine ADManager Plus, is a convenient utility that allows users to easily query the Microsoft Active Directory through a user-friendly interface. By entering LDAP queries into this tool, users can retrieve specific data for Active Directory objects.

The AD Query Tool is designed to be simple and user-friendly, enabling users to obtain any necessary attribute data from the Active Directory. Whether it's retrieving a user's first name, last name, telephone number, or address, this tool provides an efficient way to access such information. Additionally, users can also query Active Directory Group and Computer objects using this scripting utility, all within a single and convenient interface.

 How to use this AD Query Tool:   

  • Open the Launcher and click on “AD Query Tool”
  • In the text field, state the domain name.
  • From the query text area, specify the Active Directory query
  • Click on the “Generate” button. You will get the corresponding attribute values.

Note: The "Advanced" button will help you generate more attribute results for the Domain according to the user’s query


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